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Beaches in Rio de Janeiro that You May Not Have Heard of

Many of Brazil’s cultural symbols can be found on Rio’s beach - the string bikini, colourful flip-flops, and beautiful people - and it represents an important part of the carefree, playful lifestyle. The more mainstream beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema have long...

Visa Series Part One: Getting Your Tourist Visa for Brazil

It’s no secret that Brazilian bureaucracy can be, at best, confusing. We’ve tried to cut through the mass of information when it comes to visas by giving you a fully comprehensive list of how you can get certain visas and what documents you need. This visa series will...

Have You Ever Experienced a Football Match in Brazil?

Slowly moving through the crowd, I give up trying to find my own way to the entrance and allow myself to be pushed and pulled along with the rowdy, euphoric mass. To one side of me, a couple of men clink beer cans before bursting into a harmonious, animated chant. To...

Your Complete Guide to Hiking the Dois Irmãos

One of my favourite hikes in Rio de Janeiro has got to be Dois Irmãos. Having been up there four times now - once even to celebrate Christmas Day at the top - I feel like I’m beginning to know the way up like the back of my hand. Despite this, the view from the top...

Your Complete Guide to Travel and Safety in Rio de Janeiro

50+ pages of tips galore including blending in, Carnaval safety tips, pre-departure essentials and so much more… 


Founders Yvonne Ivanescu and Sarah Brown invite readers to explore another side of Rio de Janeiro, famously known as the marvellous city. They seek to change perspectives, shatter stereotypes and introduce the world to the real Rio de Janeiro: its vibrant communities, delicious local cuisine, thriving underground culture and unbelievably beautiful scenery.


The Complete Guide to Ilha Grande

The Complete Guide to Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande - which literally translates to Big Island - is a tropical island just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state and is about 160 kilometres from Copacabana. It is an island defined by its white beaches, clear blue waters and as a car-free zone. In short, it...

The Best Day Trips From Rio de Janeiro

The Best Day Trips From Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has pretty much something for everyone. Looking for beach days? Or forest trails for hiking through a huge urban rainforest? How about nights of caipirinha-fuelled nights and dancing ‘til dawn to the drum-filled air of live samba bands? The adventurous...

Paraty In a Weekend

Paraty In a Weekend

Looking for a weekend getaway from Rio de Janeiro? The Marvellous City is undoubtedly a wonderful place, but it's always good to get away and experience something different, especially when Rio is surrounded by idyllic spots that make for an ideal retreat. Head west...

Hiking in Rio de Janeiro: Exploring Rio’s West Side

Hiking in Rio de Janeiro: Exploring Rio’s West Side

Undoubtedly, one of my favourite things about Rio is that when city life becomes too much, a quick retreat into a stunning natural environment is just minutes away. Hiking in Rio de Janeiro provides that getaway. Growing up in a small village in South Wales with a...

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Donninha: Bringing Homemade Food and Delivery to Tijuca

Donninha: Bringing Homemade Food and Delivery to Tijuca

It’s true that the south zone of Rio de Janeiro has it all - great restaurants, chic bars and golden beaches. Yet, that doesn’t mean the rest of the city has nothing else to offer. Far from it, in fact. Those in the know head to edgy nightclubs behind concealed doors,...

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