We’ve had many years and dozens of trips to try and err our way to expert traveler status.

Our co-founder Yvonne Ivanescu has been traveling for 10 years and has lived in 9 different cities across three different continents while our other co-founder Sarah Brown has lived in Rio de Janerio for the last 5 years, working as a city-expert journalist for various international publications. But what if you’ve only got two days or one week to take the trip of a lifetime? This is where our Travel Planning and Coaching Sessions come in. When you book a travel coaching session with us, we use our years of real-world travel experience to plan a trip you’ll never forget.

How would you like to go to an underground samba party? Stand-up paddle through mangroves? Watch the sunrise over Rio de Janerio? No matter the activity, let us curate experiences you’ll be talking about for years to come. At the end of your Travel Coaching session, you’ll have information, inspiration and a comprehensive itinerary—all you’ll need to do is get on the plane!

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Whether you prefer to video chat via Skype, email or talk on the phone the old-fashioned way, we’ll chat until we understand exactly the trip you want to take.


Your custom itinerary includes suggested* accommodation, transport, activities, dining and more


It’ll only take us 1-2 weeks to get your itinerary put together, but we are available to assist you right up until departure with questions and even minor** last-minute changes.



“This was my second time in Rio de Janerio and I had a completely different experience. The first time I booked a tour with a group to go and see Christ and they “forgot” to tell me that Christ was under construction. I had no idea what to do and I really didn’t like Rio that much. The second time was a comletely different experience. Yvonne organized a full three day itnerary which included: a sunset Two Brothers Hike, stand up paddling, authentic churassco, drinks in Lapa and an amazing last night dancing samba in the Vidigal favela. It was such a great experience that we didn’t want to leave. It also made us thirst for more, so we will definitely be back soon. 

Visited from: Canada 

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