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Marley’s Pub in Botafogo brings a rare combination to Rio de Janeiro’s nightlife scene – live music, a mouth-watering menu and on-tap homemade beers. It is literally the mix that sets the scene for my perfect night out. We were invited to check out the new venue and with the word ‘pub’ in the name, I was keen to see if it would bring a slice of nostalgia of my favourite drinking spots back in the UK.

First of all, let’s start with some background on Marley’s pub. The venue has only opened recently in July 2017 so is a true newbie on the lively Botafogo bar and restaurant scene. However, those with keen eyes may have already spotted this name and you’d be right in thinking that this brand already exists.

The idea of Marley’s Pub started from a partnership between Sergio Albrecht, the owner of a beer food truck, and Teo Nunes and Renata Pereira, the owners of a burger food truck. Having attended several of the same events throughout Rio, they decided to set up something together by pooling their expertise and resources into creating a physical establishment – and so was born Marley’s Pub.

bars in Botafogo

About The Venue

Marley’s Pub has gone all out in creating a homely menu, a selection of wonderful drinks and getting local bands to perform regularly. The venue is set over two floors with the second floor conveniently overlooking the stage so you can enjoy the live music from wherever you are. The music takes a break from traditional Brazilian music and ventures into the fine tunes of blues, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and indie music. What I loved about the venue though is how it really does resemble a modern-day pub with exposed brick walls, rustic features such as uncovered piping as taps and cute finishing touches such as the dart board (which I aced at. Not).

Let’s Talk About The Menu

Ah, the menu. The menu is packed with comforting foods and of course, delicious hamburgers. In the name of research, I ate my body weight in food so I could share my impressions with you (purely research purposes, of course). I started with two different kinds of snacks – the bolinho de feijão recheado which was a compact ball of black beans and dried meat. It was amazing until I tried the bolinho de feijão branca com camarão which somehow managed to trump it. Both were delicious and went really well with the Jeffrey Pilsen beer I was drinking.

Next up, I had the Mignon no Pão, which is the most homely food I’ve had in a while. It is a huge loaf of round bread with the inside taken out and then filled with a creamy cheese mixed with mignon steak. It would be ideal for a group of people as it’s a very filling snack and can easily feed four people, if not more.

Finally, I couldn’t leave without trying a hamburger. I had one of the most popular on the menu which was the Pão de Acucar, a mix of 180grams of exclusive meat blend, fresh mushrooms, caramelised onions, barbeque sauce, Emmental cheese and Australian bread. It also comes with a side order of French fries. I loved it, especially the fact that the burger was huge. I didn’t try it but I was told the special hot dog is also one of the best items on the menu, so that definitely is on my bucket list for the next time I got here.

Marley’s Pub Drinks

Marley’s Pub has plenty of locally-brewed beers on the menu including Jeffrey beer which is served on tap. I stuck to the Pilsen, a light beer that is definitely my favourite, I also tried the Hocus Pocus Magic Trap which is strong but incredibly smooth and quite sweet. For those that prefer cocktails, there are also several homemade cocktails on the menu, such as the Kinsale (whisky, strawberry, lemon and brown sugar) and the Marley’s (pineapple, mint, coconut milk, rum, malibu and orange).

bars in Botafogo
bars in Botafogo
bars in Botafogo
bars in Botafogo

Why You Should Visit Marley’s Pub

  • It has Jeffrey beer on tap
  • It also serves Hocus Pocus beer which is amazing
  • It has a fantastic menu that includes huge, delicious burgers
  • It has live music with no extra charge (that is a huge rarity in Rio!)
  • It’s a cosy venue that has a true pub-like feel
  • The staff are friendly and helpful

Where To Find It

Marley’s Pub, Rua Fernandes Guimarães, 82, Botafogo
Facebook and Instagram
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Thursday, 5 pm to 1 am. Friday, 5 pm to 2 am. Saturday, 6 pm to 3 am.
Reservations: (21) 2137-0983 and e-mail

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bars in Botafogo


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