luxury shopping in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil. The word alone conjures up an image of exotic beauty and tropical glamour. Say ‘Rio de Janeiro’, and it invokes the idea of sunshine, sensuality and the fabulous. But in a city with a greater metropolitan area of nearly 13 million, it is difficult to know where one would go to experience what every Brazilian woman treasures- an afternoon spent shopping. Come with Casa Bromelia as we take you into the world of luxury shopping in Rio de Janeiro.

luxury shopping in Rio de Janeiro

Rio’s Best Shopping Districts:

Rio does not lack for shopping, but there are certain places that bring atmosphere as well as incredible finds. From outdoor to indoor, the following stores are a part of a local Zona Sul Brazilian woman’s shopping routine. Please note: the word ‘shopping’ in Brazil refers to a commercial shopping mall. So if you are given ‘retail therapy’ advice for the best ‘shopping’ in Rio, expect a modern, organized collection of stores, restaurants and often times, a movie theater. Our list covers both ‘shoppings’ and single boutique shops.

  • Ipanema Neighborhood (Visconde da Pirajá & side streets)

This is ideal for that “I’m shopping at the beach” feeling. Starting off with a nice glass of bubbly, at one of the few spots that serve good Brazilian champagne, Quiteria is where you want to be for a refreshing glass and a light snack before strolling down the pavement. Specializing in prêt-à-porter, this neighborhood will leave you rubbing elbows with the city’s boho-luxury residents. While there are some international brands, Ipanema has many of the flagship stores for Brazil’s own hottest fashion designers.

  • Fashion Mall

Nestled between the Forest and São Conrado beach, sits one of our favorite indoor places to spend a Sunday afternoon. With fabulous restaurants covering the entire top floor, it is a pleasure to grab a glass… or a bottle of champagne… and then spend the next few hours exploring the large variety of luxury bohemian Brazilian shops. If you only have a short time in Rio, Fashion Mall is ideal because you can visit a handful of the best in a single afternoon.

  • Village Mall

For a collection of haute couture including Gucci and Jimmy Choo, Village Mall is the Saks Fifth Avenue or the Harrods of Brazil. With an emphasis on design and service, this luxury experience will satisfy any retail therapy craving. For a local flair, try the Rio location of Capim Santo. Serving up classic Brazilian dishes in a novel way, this place will satisfy the appetite you will have worked up all afternoon.

Brazilian Beauty Products

luxury shopping in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil has one of the largest beauty industries in the world. From the daily beauty self-care regime to weekly manicures, keratin haircare treatments to body hair removal, there is an enjoyment to one’s own beauty ritual in Brazil. For the best of luxury Brazilian beauty products, this is where Casa Bromelia shops.


This Brazilian make-up and skincare line plays a role in most local women’s morning rituals. Since the opening of the initial pharmacy in 1978, Dermage has specialized in the most modern technological practices and high quality control. Recognized by top Brazilian dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, Dermage offers solutions for skin treatment and wellness. The product line specializes in Facial, Body, Sun, Skin, Make-up and Male products. They do not test on animals and go through extensive research to create options ideal for Brazilian skin and weather.

luxury shopping in Rio de Janeiro

Natura Ekos

Natura stands out for its image as a sustainable and eco-friendly company. Their line is inspired by ancestral Brazilian traditions using ingredients derived from the country’s own biodiversity. Working together with 36 local communities, they create unique, rich textures and fragrances involved in daily Brazilian beauty rituals. You can feel good about your purchase, because they use 100% recycled packaging, pay fair wages and help local organizations such as opening new schools. And to top it all off, the company also uses ordinary women rather than supermodels in its ads.

L’Occitane au Brésil

A few years back, this French skin care brand started its own Brazilian line. Offering ingredients and scents from the Amazon to the Brazilian desert, L’Occitane does not stray from its reputation of using the highest quality ingredients. Even the packaging reflects the vibrancy and fabulousness of this tropical country. We have tried and tested them all, but our favorite scent will forever remain Olinda.

The Best of Brazilian Swimwear – Moda Praia

Luxury shopping in Rio de Janeiro

The peacock print one-piece from the Casa Bromelia range

From the classic Brazilian Bikini to the this season’s trendy one-piece, Brazil has perfected the art of the swimsuit. Designed to make you stroll Ipanema beach with confidence, the following swimwear lines make suits that feel as good as they look.

Casa Bromelia

What we love about this Swimwear line (not only because it is our own), is that you will not see anyone else on the beach wearing it. Our exclusive, online boutique shop has just launched for Summer 2017. We took inspiration from the vivacious colors of this South American country. Think local fruit, tropical birds and balmy fauna. Straying away from the standard floral prints, this line is original. Additionally, every bikini is designed with the softest fabric, feeling as good on the skin as it looks on your body. Designed in Brazil with a California touch, we ship to you wherever you are in the world.


Also, an up and coming beachwear designer, Niord has made the move in recent years from online to brick and mortar. Its first shop, located in Ipanema Beach, is simple but unique. They even offer ‘beachwear’ such as cover-ups, a pós-mar collection and resort wear. But what we truly adore, is the detail of the live aquarium in the shop window.

Lenny Niemeyer

A longtime luxury designer and local favorite, to have a Lenny Niemeyer swimsuit means you are truly a Carioca*. At the forefront of Ipanema Beach fashion for decades, you can not spend an afternoon on the sand without seeing at least a dozen pass by. With a variety of cuts and classy colors, this line appeals to women of all ages.

Blue Man

A must on our Rio shopping list, not only do they do a superb job of offering your high end classic Brazilian bikini, but they have a great men’s swimwear line. Their sungas are flatter figuring and designed to stay put even in the largest of Rio waves. Some even have built-in pockets for holing keys and money, leaving your hands free to enjoy a refreshing cold beverage.

And if you want a local by your side to guide you in and out of Rio’s hottest locations, drop us a line at Casa Bromelia and we will arrange a private tour.

*Carioca- Resident of Rio de Janeiro *Sungas- Men’s swim shorts

Guest post by the lovely Lauren Quinn from Casa Bromelia. Casa Bromelia is a space to stay and is a Rio de Janeiro Travel Concierge. We are your “access” to the city. We speak your language, know your culture and understand your expectations. Whether that is dancing at an underground Samba party, staying in a classic art deco villa, being picked up by an English speaking driver or advice on where a local dines, the Casa will tailor design your dream vacation. The founder, Lauren Amber Quinn, is a California native who has been traveling/living abroad for 15 years. She leads the team of locals curating your trip. With Casa Bromelia you will share, explore, heal, relax and be inspired

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Luxury Shopping in Rio de Janeiro


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