gloria and catete neighbourhoods

The historical buildings scattered throughout Catete are imposing reminders of the neighbourhood’s noble past. Once the grandest region in Rio de Janeiro, the area went into decline as real estate prices dropped when Brasilia became the new capital city. Gloria, a neighbourhood wedged between Catete and Centro, is home to the Igreja da Gloria, a church that is considered one of the best examples of Brazilian colonial architecture from the 18th century. The church has a single tower that acts as the entrance for visitors.

A highlight in Gloria is the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Gloria do Outeiro – often simply known as Igreja da Gloria – is one of Brazil’s most magnificent designs of colonial architecture from the 18th century. The small church overlooks Guanabara Bay and Flamengo Park, creating a picturesque view.

Craving pizza? Gaining the informal title as the best pizzas in town, Ferro e Farinha caters for a huge crowd every night that overwhelms its tiny capacity. The long queues don’t stop the diners who spill out onto the streets to enjoy home-made pizzas, home-brewed beers, and rich desserts. The chocolate mousse is the perfect finish to the night.

Ferro e Farinha is on Rua Andrade Pertence, 42 – Catete.

The Marina da Gloria is a key feature on the edge of Guanabara Bay. Scenic views of the Sugarloaf and the Christ the Redeemer add to the appeal. It is a boating haven and was the venue for the sailing events in the 2016 Olympic games. It also hosts sporadic late-night parties with live music in the open-air.

A 19th-century mansion that was once Brazil’s presidential palace and the site where former president Getulio Vargas committed suicide, Catete Palace is now the Museum of the Republic that offers a fascinating glimpse into Brazilian political history.

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